TNT Dunks On LaVar Ball For Calling Out Charles Barkley

LaVar Ball is still doing his seemingly never ending media tour. Seriously, every time I turn on ESPN or FS1 he’s on some show hyping his boys and trashing some legends. But I’ve actually come full circle on LaVar since he first bursted on the scene. Yes, he’s out of his mind, but I respect his level of trolling. I don’t actually think he believes half of the stuff he says. I think to some level he knows what he’s doing and saying outrageous shit is going to keep Lonzo and the rest of his family in the spotlight. That’s really the ultimate goal.

Now with all that said, he does need to be put in his place. So it was nice to see the NBA on TNT 360 windmill on LaVar’s face with this IG post yesterday.


I don’t think MJ would have a problem handling this

LaVar Ball is life!

— Legends (@LegendsofCH) March 15, 2017