Cleveland Women Are A Special Breed…Especially “F Tom Brady” Lady



Cleveland fans were feelin it Sunday when Tom Brady rolled into town and the Red Sox were on the brink of elimination. They have that NBA title in the back pocket, the Indians are rolling and the Browns are on their way to the #1 overall pick in the draft. GREAT TIMES BY THE LAKE for Cleveland fans.

So what do Browns women do when they’re feelin’ it? They bust out the megaphone and taunt the shit out of Tommy Brady fan from Maine, Todd Fenwick. And it’s not just any taunting. It’s “F uck Tom Brady” right to Todd’s face with that annoying Cleveland voice we’ve all become used to.

The arrogance. The jealousy. The Cleveland. The hubris. Etc. This chick let it all out Sunday and then watched the Patriots injure another Browns QB and Tommy throw for three touchdowns.


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