Vikings Fan's Face Slashed After Maniac In Wisconsin Stabs Inflatable Viktor Mascot

How do I know it’s football season in Wisconsin? A Vikings fan was slashed with a box cutter after trying to defend his Viktor the Mascot inflatable balloon after some maniac went nuts in Stoughton, WI, about 19 miles southeast of Madison. I’m telling you and have been telling you, it’s extremely dangerous to be an opposing fan in enemy territory. I was at Sunday’s Bengals-Cowboys game. Did I wear Bengals colors? No chance. You think I really want some maniac to possibly attack me after drinking multiple $9.50 beers inside Jerry’s World?
No way. I heard Cowboys fan starting shit with Bengals fan with about 6-7 minutes left in the game. It’s not a safe world out there inside the DMZ.
Let’s head to Wisconsin for the latest carnage and hear Dave Moschel’s story.
From WKOW:

As his family watched a football game inside with the breeze blowing through an opened window, they heard someone come up and slash Viktor the blow up. It prompted Moschel to go outside and see what was happening. That’s when he saw a man walking away.
“I said what the ‘f’ are you doing? What the hell is wrong with you,” he remembered asking. “I walked towards him and he turned around and walked towards me and the rest is history.”
A fight broke out between the two right in Moschel’s front yard as his kids started screaming as they looked on in horror.
“I have 5 children inside that are watching this from five years old up to 14. They were pretty upset about it,” he said.
Moschel would be stabbed and cut seven times, some lacerations just inches away from his throat and main arteries, before his girlfriend came to his rescue.
“I was kind of just went into fight of flight, and came running full speed to get him (the attacker) off and rush him (Moschel) inside,” said Lisa Moriarity.

Viktor took a knee wound, but Dave thinks he can save the leg with a patch. A 21-year-old male was arrested at the scene but hasn’t been charged.
Meanwhile, Dave had to get 60 stitches and 10 staples in his face.

There are the staples in Vikings fan’s head:

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