Fox 8 Cleveland Runs Fun Manziel Realtor Segment Featuring Fake Cocaine

Fox 8 Cleveland Manziel Realtor Video

You might remember Fox 8 Cleveland for its “Little Billy Manziel” skit where they had a midget playing blackjack in a Billy Manziel costume. They’re back at it, this time with Manziel’s ‘Realtor’ showing off the Manziel house that’s for sale (Johnny’s legit selling his house in a western suburb).

Of course Fox 8 can get away with things that the other local stations can’t. They can show fake cocaine, Fireball bottles, a blowup doll and general mayhem in some house that belongs to Manziel (it’s a joke, don’t call Fox 8 all outraged).

Best part: the coke. It’s at the 1:15 mark.

What’s Manziel up to these days? Oh, just drinking vodka. Taking it easy.

Manziel Vodka

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