Fox 8 Cleveland’s Little Billy Manziel Bit Is Great TV



Local TV news gets slammed all the time because it’s just a giant advertising vacuum sucking up Liberty Ford Dealership dollars or [insert another local ad dollar generator here]. The news is usually garbage and not the least bit interesting. But they do news a little different in Cleveland, especially at Fox 8. They do things like bring in a Little Billy Manziel guy for a blackjack bit.

Most of Little Billy Manziel’s jokes bomb, but that makes this even better. Could local TV stations investigate government waste, corrupt cops, corporations dumping shit in the waterways? Of course, but that only happens during sweeps week and the i-Teams at these stations are only so big.

So we’re left with great TV like Little Billy Manziel playing blackjack while being interviewed by one of Cleveland’s news teams that you can trust.

Top stories right now in Cleveland on Fox 8. LeBron weighs in.

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