Buy This Carolina Panthers Tailgate RV — $6,000


Panthers Tailgate RV Bus Cam Newton

It’s not often that Carolina Panthers tailgate rides hit Craigslist, so if you’re in the market for a ride next season, now is the time to pounce on the 1983 Pace Arrow above.

According to the seller, the Panthers-inspired RV has 116,540 miles on the odometer and even took second place in the 2011 Panthers Pride Vehicle Showcase (there’s a trophy!). Beyond that, you’re getting the usual — beer taps, bathroom, etc.

Highlights of the good and bad from the seller:

The Good:
– It provides Heat in the winter, AC and shade in the summer.
– It’s painted all black and decked out with a sound system, 2 TV’s, Kegerator, Microwave, plenty of seating and storage.
– Comes with a Coleman grill.
– The ladies prefer the interior restroom over a porta john.
– Complete strangers will pay you to use the bathroom.
– All 6 tires and spare are in great shape.
– All exterior lights work. I replaced all marker lights with LED versions.
– Carpet is the same as the Panthers locker room or suite level.

Not so Good:
– It’s not new and like any older vehicle needs maintenance.
– There is an exhaust leak at the manifolds.
– There is a crack in the windshield on the lower half of passenger side (I bought it that way, never been an issue and hasn’t gotten any bigger).
– Drivers door has rust at the bottom of it.
– Both bumpers have been tweaked.
– Some paint is bubbling and has been touched up with Spray Paint.

With those cons, there’s definitely a case to be made for submitting a best offer — no need to pay full price for something with that many problems. However, don’t haggle too hard. That Panthers fan who dropped a rap song might come in hard and steal it away from you.

Check out more photos of the Panthers RV in the gallery below.

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