Lane Kiffin's Tinder Girl: Here Are More DMs From Lane Or His Middle Man

Lane Kiffin’s Tinder Girl decided to release more messages she had with a Twitter account she believes was being run by Kiffin under an alias or by a buddy who was working as a middle man for Lane’s Tinder escapades.  On Monday, Tinder Girl Ashley Spry (@NoChillary2016) released messages to BC showing what she says was Kiffin using Tinder to eventually connect with women (at least her) on Twitter.
It’s a wild web, for sure. But it’s Joey Freshwater that we’re dealing with here. He’s divorced, the offensive coordinator of the defending national champions and he has a woman named ‘Kasey’ who checks his phone for “sluts” at 3 a.m., according to Spry.

Kiffin or his middle man trying to get Lane’s Tinder Girl on the phone or FaceTime:


Kiffin (or the Middle Man) already knows he’s dealing with an Auburn grad.


The Twitter account DMing Spry has now been deleted. Spry maintains that she did talk with a person she believed to be Kiffin over the phone after ‘Kasey’ called to say she blocked all of Lane’s sluts.
Were you part of Kiffin’s Tinder game? Send us an anonymous email or hit us up on Twitter – anonymous DMs.

Lane Kiffin's Tinder Game Is Elaborate, Ashley Spry Says
Lane Kiffin's Tinder Game Is Elaborate, Ashley Spry Says
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