Meet Ashley Spry, Lane Kiffin's Tinder Girl – PHOTOS

Ashley Spry will now be known as Lane Kiffin’s Tinder Girl. She told me all about how Lane Kiffin operates on Tinder this afternoon via direct messages. It’s an elaborate system, according to Spry, an Auburn grad. Who is Spry? She was just an active Twitter user who freelances as a fitness trainer on the side who now has one of the best Lane Kiffin stories you’ll ever read.
Spry says that a woman called early in the morning on March 20 to tell her that she was blocking Lane’s “sluts.” There was also allegedly a threat from Kiffin over the matter.
As for Spry’s normal life, she has a fitness Facebook page where she talks about her personal battle to lose weight (117 lbs. lost in 2 years) and documents her active lifestyle. On Twitter, her bio reads: Hillary Clinton’s email writer. Auburn grad. Florida raised.Too pretty to be a Bama fan. Too poor to be a republican.

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Lane Kiffin's Tinder Game Is Elaborate, Ashley Spry Says
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