Lane Kiffin's Tinder Game Is Elaborate, Ashley Spry Says

Auburn grad Ashley Spry says her phone rang three times at 3 a.m. on March 20th. She answered the third call from the private number. The woman on the other end said her name was Kasey and that she was going through Lane Kiffin’s phone “blocking all of his sluts(.)”
That was the end of what Spry describes as a Tinder match that turned into a dark hole that eventually led to a possible alias Snapchat account that sent her Lane Kiffin photos, and that eventually led to a Twitter account that Spry thinks was an alias used by Kiffin to reel in Tinder girls.
Just when you thought Joey Freshwater (the bar alias allegedly used by Kiffin) couldn’t be more interesting, it gets even better. Kiffin, 40, seemed to be heavily invested in Spry (@NoChillary2016), who openly advertises on her Twitter account that she’s an Auburn grad. It seems the most notorious offensive coordinator in college football didn’t mind crossing over to the dark side to dabble with the enemy.

A single tip from #AuburnTwitter turned into the following exchange with Spry:

I checked the Snap account. It’s still live. No active diary posts.

I called the 205 number this afternoon. It went to voicemail.

Here’s where Spry gets a surprise when ‘Ryan’ sends a screencap of Kiffin’s official account suddenly following his account out of the blue at the same time Spry followed. This is where she starts to wonder what’s going on – “like is this real life?”

And then the big night when ‘Kasey’ started “blocking all of his sluts.”

Who is ‘Kasey’? Is Kiffin still being a machine on Tinder? Will there be more Snaps from the ‘Ryan’ account? So many questions here. Do you have Kiffin intel? Let us know.

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