Best NBA Players 2016: Top 10 Best NBA Shooters Today

Best NBA Players 2016


Currently in the NBA we are seeing a shift in how the game is being played. During the 2000’s we saw the game dominated by the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, A Young Tim Duncan, A younger Amare Stoudemire and Ben Wallace which teams would draft them and build their franchises around. These powerful big men defended the paint, blocked shots and dunked the ball, a lot. Basketball has evolved almost overnight and instead of having a havoc wrecker in the post, teams are opting to space the floor and have larger Power Forwards fill that role. This change has been able to take place because of the tremendous shooters we currently have in the NBA. From “The Baby Faced Assassin,” Stephen Curry to “The Durantula,” Kevin Durant, there is a plethora of sharp shooters we could name many more.

How do we rank the NBA Top 10 Shooters?

When it comes to shooting, there are many different ways to, skin the cat. Are we talking about overall shooting percentage? Would your best shooter be one that had the highest mid-range or three-point range field goal percentage? Well you can do whatever you want, we are going to just pick our top ten shooters.

10. Channing Frye

Channing Frye


Channing Frye has been somewhat a journey man in the NBA but there has been one constant in his play and that is his ability to flat out shoot. He always seems to nail that clutch three when the ball is swung deep into the corner. From his days in Phoenix with the Sun’s all the way to his place with “The King,” LeBron James. Only time will tell how his story turns out but I’m sure that Channing has a shooters chance.

9. Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford


Jamal Crawford like Channing Frye has been somewhat of a journey man as well playing for Chicago Bulls, New York Knick, Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks and Portland Trail Blazers and of course the Los Angeles Clippers where he resides now. Jamal Crawford holds the record for quite possibly the most difficult shot in the game, the four-point play. To get fouled and still be able to make the 3pt a record 52 times including the playoffs. Also, he is always near the top of the league with 4th quarter points, Jamal tends to make it when it counts.

8. LeBron James

LeBron James


We all know that King James is a high flyer with his god given talent. But many don’t know of his extremely high level of efficiency rate and how his jumper isn’t too bad as well. Averaging nearly 28 points per game for the past 13 years let’s just say that’s not too shabby. His post presence combined with the mid-range game makes him quite difficult to stop. Let’s see if he can reach the promise land for the land.

7. Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard


One of the other partners to the Rip City duo which premiers one of the top backcourts in the NBA and is one of only a few teams to have said they have beaten the Warriors over the past 2 seasons. With a stellar jump shot this point guard is much more than his assists. He can take it to the hole and elevate among the trees or pick and pop from deep. Choose your poison with this one carefully because his bite is much worse than his bark.

6. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant


Some know by “KD” or “The Durantula” and some just Kevin Durant. Whatever you know him by, you are well aware of his shooting ability. Sometimes the Batman and sometimes the Robin to the superstar tandem of Russel Westbrook, he has plenty of ways to get the job done. Averaging nearly 30 points per game including both regular season and playoffs, this guy can just flat out shoot the ball. His arch rival is LeBron James although KD can shoot much better their overall games are very equal with the edge going to The King because of his 6-8, 260-pound frame which always seems to be a problem for the lengthy skinniness that is,” The Durantula”.

5. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson


Past 1st round draft pick Mychal Thompsons son Klay Thompson who is also the other half of the “Splash Brothers” who have taken the NBA by storm and are at the for front of this phenomena. Pull up transition threes are their layup, this shoot first natured shooting guard is not only one of the league’s most impressive shooters, he is also one of the top 5 two ways players in the NBA. Klay tends to lock down the other team’s best guard and sometimes even their best offensive weapon.

4. Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard


Some may be awestruck by The King or Stpeh, but not many people are talking about Kawhi Leonard who is not only one of the top players in the NBA he also possesses one of the softest touches. Landing him at number 4 just ahead of Klay Thompson. This is because he is like what Klay Thompson is aspiring to be only Klay has the potential to have a much better jump shot in the next few years but not quite yet. Near the top of the league in field goal percentage from both 2’s and 3’s. This Finals MVP deserves his spot at the 4th top shooters in the NBA in 2016.

3. James Harden

James Harden


From Oklahoma City to Houston people are fearing the beard. With one of the league’s top mid game abilities and also leading the league nearly every year in free throw attempts this artist creates a way to consistently be at the top of the league in shooting nearly every year of his career and truly came into his own once he was traded to Houston. I am sure that the Oklahoma City Thunder wish they could have that trade back because ever since they got rid of him they haven’t been able to make it over the hump and back to the finals.

2. J.J. Redick

J.J. Redick


From his time as a Duke Blue Devil, J.J. Redick has been a sharp shooter. Now in his 8th year J.J. is leading the NBA in three-point field goal percentage and near the top of the league in PER or player efficiency rating. This man can flat our play and has been able to since his years at Duke breaking numerous shooting records in one of history’s toughest conferences the, ACC. With Doc Rivers running a similar offense that he had with Ray Allen for the Boston Celtics. We see that J.J. Redick fits that role just fine and has brought his game to the next level.

1. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry


The Baby Faced Assassin has become a global phenomenon. Fresh off of his NBA MVP and NBA Championship season he seems to not have missed a beat and maybe even dare to say gotten better. He is near the top in every form of shooting percentage and number 2 overall with a 90%+ at the free throw line. This man always seems to have the ball in his hands when his team needs it most creating offensive magic for his teammates. His jump shot has transcended the game and is changing the way children are playing basketball. We see it in the College ranks where we see more teams opting to play with 3 guards and sometimes 3 forwards and having more people to spread the floor to open up the mid game and post by the jump shot. This basketball is not only exhilarating it is what I like to call,” art in action”.