James Harden

May 7, 2018

James Harden Has Donovan Mitchell All Triggered

It appears four games of trying (and failing) to contain James Harden has broken Donovan Mitchell. One can only go...

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Apr 14, 2016

Kings Announcer Burns James Harden’s Defense

The Rockets impaled the Kings by 35 points Wednesday night, so it makes sense Sacramento’s announce team would be a...

Apr 4, 2016

Best NBA Players 2016: Top 10 Best NBA Shooters Today

Currently in the NBA we are seeing a shift in how the game is being played. During the 2000’s we...

Jun 3, 2015

James Harden In Bed With Farrah Flossit…No Way That’s Her Real Name

  James Harden in bed with some broad named Farrah Flossit should surprise nobody. If you’re going to run with...

May 21, 2015

Here’s James Harden Taking Out His Anger on Some Curtains

With the Houston Rockets trailing 99-98 in the final seconds of the fourth quarter, James Harden had the opportunity to...

Mar 15, 2015

James Harden Showed Up To The Game Today Looking Like A Used Coloring Book

What a suit. That legitimately looks like the Power Rangers coloring book I had when I was a kid. No...

Feb 11, 2015

James Harden Fans in Phoenix Have a Strong Beard Game

It was unofficially “Beard Night” at the Rockets-Suns game Tuesday night as former Arizona State basketball star James Harden singlehandedly...

Jan 24, 2015

James Harden Is A Mean Person

Due to Klay Thompson’s absurd game, James Harden’s impressive performance flew very much under the radar last night. Harden further...

Jan 15, 2015

Dion Waiters Swats Away James Harden’s Soft Layup

  The Oklahoma City Thunder fell back under .500 Thursday night, dropping their road game against the Houston Rockets by...

Dec 19, 2014

Team USA Basketball Member Selling 2013 Mercedes Benz G550 SUV— $105,000 on eBay!

Get out your investigative hats, BC readers! Currently up for auction on eBay is this gorgeous 2013 Mercedes Benz G550...

Sep 25, 2012

James Harden Doppelgänger In Spurs Gear At Towson Football Game? [PHOTO]

This has to be James Harden right? Judging by the circumstances it's extremely unlikely that this is in fact Harden at a Towson football game, but this bro is a spot on doppelganger for the bearded assassin. If this is in fact Harden, BC might have just cost Harden some fans in a year where he is heading into free agency. Rocking both a spurs hat and a Tim Duncan jersey, can't imagine Thunder fans would be excited to see their star in enemy gear! JUMP!

Sep 11, 2012

James Harden Making BBW Stripper Beg For Stack Of Cash [VIDEO]

The photo of James Harden, in his United States of America Nike shirt, making a thick stripper work for his stack of cash has been on the Internet for a couple weeks. Now comes the video. How does the OKC Thunder star blow off steam during the summer? Oh, by waving a wad of bills in this thickie's face. If she wants the cash, it's going to take effort. Do your thing, girlfriend. We're guessing Nike is enjoying this product placement. JUMP!

Jul 1, 2012

You Can Buy This Customary OKC Thunder Car [PHOTOS]

For only $3000 dollars, you can buy this custom painted Oklahoma City Thunder car that has all of the player's faces on it. The car has James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and Kendrick Perkins on it as well as a window on the driver's side that doesn't work. It's only got 125,000 miles on it and can be purchased on Craigslist. The car may have been worth a lot more if the Thunder were able to knock out the Miami Heat.  JUMP!

Jun 20, 2012

27 NSFW James Harden Is The Scapegoat Of NBA Finals Game 4 Tweets

With every NBA Finals game there seems to be somebody who sticks out as the scapegoat. After watching game 4 and scanning Twitter, it became pretty clear James Harden is the latest. His 9 points on 2-10 shooting just isn't going to cut it if the Thunder have any chance of winning. Twitter, hateful as usual, let loose on the bearded baller. People are calling for him to pass, to shoot, to shave his beard and calling out issues with his love interest. Who is she, you ask? JUMP!

Jun 18, 2012

20 NSFW Russell Westbrook Is A Complete Mess In The NBA Finals Tweets

Game 3 of the NBA Finals was a potentially huge game for the young Oklahoma City Thunder squad, a game in which they could take the upper hand in what has been a tightly fought series. Much was expected of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook. How did they respond? Durant got into foul trouble & Westbrook started actin' a fool down the stretch. Of course Twitter fools went nuts on Westbrook, using various versions of the f-bomb & worse. JUMP!

May 19, 2012

Snoop Dogg Showed Up To The Laker Game In This [PHOTOS]

Snoop Dogg himself showed up to the Los Angeles Lakers-Oklahoma City Thunder playoff game last night in this Rastafarian style hat and crazy sunglasses. Of course the sunglasses had a flip up cover with smiley faces on them (why wouldn't they?). I'm sure he was just wearing them so you couldn't see how red his eyes were. Anyways, the Lakers came back from a pretty hefty deficit against the Thunder to win the game with a crazy finish. HT @Jose3030 JUMP!

May 6, 2012

Russell Westbrook Told A Reporter ‘No More Questions For You Bro’ [VIDEO]

After the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Dallas Mavericks, Russell Westbrook was asked some questions by reporter Johnathon Tjarks. Tjarks, who works for RealGM.com, asked Westbrook if he would consider James Harden a maximum contract player. Westbrook dodged the question and responded to Tjarks with a "No more questions for you bro". Video after the JUMP!

Apr 22, 2012

Metta World Peace Elbowed James Harden In The Face [VIDEO]

The Los Angeles Lakers took on the Oklahoma City Thunder today where some 'extracurricular' activity happened during the game. Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, elbowed James Harden in the face in completely violent fashion. Of course, Metta World Peace pretended like nothing happened while Harden layed on the ground in obvious pain. I'm sure David Stern is going to take a look at this play and possible hand out some punishments. JUMP!