Jaime Edmondson & Evan Longoria Got The Wedding Present I Sent Them


I still don’t have any idea the difference between a French spoon and a regular wooden spoon you get for a $1 at IKEA, but I bought one for Jaime Edmondson and Evan Longoria, who will finally slap a ring on it this December 31.  Is it odd to buy a $5.95 French spoon for a guy who’s about to make $105.5M over the next seven years? Not at all. I once bought a $29.50 napkin for the Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries wedding that lasted 45 days or so.
I’m constantly asked why I’m in the athlete wedding gift buying business. I’m in this for the memorabilia. How many Kim Kardashian wedding gift thank you notes written by an intern are out there? Not many, but I have one. How many people have an angry wedding gift thank you note from Wes Welker’s wife? I do. How many people have very thoughtful thank you notes from RG3 and his wife? I do. 
In this case, I’m just a big supporter of Jaime and Evan. They still do cool things away from the kids for the Internet. Jaime turned in a fun bachelorette party with Playmate friends that helped me pass the time one weekend. She did the Cam pants thing. They’re pretty much the only fun couple in their 30s so we have to stick together. I’ll gladly drop $11.76 to have some more fun and maybe get a cool thank you note.


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