Jaime Edmondson Bachelorette Party Recap

The big takeaway from the Jaime Edmondson bachelorette (finally marrying Evan Longoria) party this weekend is that Jaime has hot friends who know how to have fun in Vegas. That pretty much sums up what went down for Jaime and her crew of dimes who invaded the Bellagio for the bash. There were a couple of fun IG photos, but nothing trampy like what these IG models post these days.
Of course Lauren Anderson, Miss July 2002 (married Reid Brignac), was going to have some fun with the dong decorations. Totally innocent stuff. Of course the girls were going to go see the Chippendales. Of course they were going to make funny faces while sitting on Chippendale laps. Looks like the ladies had a fun time and have now gone back to their lives chasing toddlers and being responsible adults.
Take notes, IG models.
Jaime and Longo tie the knot December 31. Yes, I bought them a wedding gift.

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Christine is Josh Rosen’s Hot Tub Girl
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