BC Requesting $29.50 Or Dove Grey Napkin Back From Kim Kardashian [Letter]

Of course we are upset at the sham that was the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries wedding. Of course we feel as if both of them were co-conspirators in this racket to make millions off a fake marriage. Busted Coverage has sent a letter in Kim’s name to E! Entertainment requesting $29.50 or the 24″ Dove Grey napkin we purchased for Kardashian-Humphries to be returned. It’s a simple request for a woman who made an estimated $17,000,000 off the sham wedding. 

You might remember how Busted Coverage did receive a thank you card for our gift. This isn’t some sort of joke. Our demand is simple: refund the money or send us the napkin.

If you sent Kim a gift, and feel like you’ve been taken advantage of, write us an email detailing the gift and your feelings.