Buy This Cleveland Browns “PoundTown” Tailgate Bus — $8,000 on eBay


No franchise in the NFL has more ebbs and flows in a season than the Cleveland Browns. I mean, we went from fans begging for Johnny Manziel to start in Week 3 to the guy getting his personal baggage caught on a police dashboard camera last week.


But despite all this, they’re not totally out of the AFC Wild Card picture (yet). So if you want to go get trashed at the Muni Lot before you watch Josh McCown toss jump balls to Gary Barnidge, DO IT.


And you can do so in this 1988 Ford Bus. It has 300,000 miles on it, a not-so-awesome paint job and $8,000 price tag.

Details from the seller:

  • Ford Triton V-10: Serviced with new spark plugs and coils last season
  • 2000 Watt Amplifier
  • 2 X 1000 Watt subwoofers mounted under the rear seat
  • 10 additional speakers mounted throughout the cabin
  • Wrap around vinyl couch style seating
  • Color changing LED lighting that also has an audio setting to flash to music
  • Laser light strobe mounted on the ceiling
  • Motorized Touch screen display head unit that controls the entire system
  • 1600 Watt inverter connected to an auxiliary battery system (4 total batteries separate of the engine battery)
  • Sony Bravia 40″ LCD 1080p tv mounted on back wall
  • Upright freezer that can be powered by the inverter or when ice is added, become a long lasting cooler

 A look inside

That LED lighting is no joke, folks. You can go purple:

s-l500 (1)


s-l500 (2)

And, of course, orange:

s-l500 (3)

What it looks like without LEDs on:

s-l500 (4)

Cooler for the booze:

s-l500 (5)


s-l500 (7)

s-l500 (6)