Johnny Manziel Police Report & Raw Police Video

We now have the full dashcam video from the Johnny Manziel and Colleen Crowley incident and learn that Crowley has lived with Manziel for the last two months. We also now have the full police report where we learn that Crowley said “He doesn’t need to be here,” when Manziel’s good friend Paul Kruger showed up. Manziel and Kruger are golfing buddies and the two live near each other in Avon, where this incident took place.
We also learn that Crowley dropped a “my dad’s a lawyer” line on the cops and mentioned that she “didn’t do shit” and then dropped an obligatory f-bomb.
Here’s the raw video from Johnny Manziel talking to the cop. He sounds sober and alert.
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Update: And now we have even more drama from this whole situation…Paul Kruger dropping some fatherly advice on Manziel to the cops

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