A Day In The Life Of The Muni Lot…An American Tailgating Treasure

Well, I survived the Muni Lot but not without puking up a Michael Symon burger when I got home. As most of you know, I’m always searching for the biggest pile of debauchery I can find in the world of sports fans. If Ole Miss is the class of the south, there is a 75 yard or so wide parking lot in downtown Cleveland that is the class of the north. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s a place where plumbers, electricians, just-out-of-college businessmen, retired sorority sisters, police, parents pushing strollers and wedding DJs mix in this wild world of booze, keg bowling and masked superheroes throwing shot syringes from the roof of buses.
It’s where you see people taking dumps and pissing against fences that guard the drunks from running onto a four-lane highway. It’s a place where entrepreneurs bring their own toilets for their tailgating brethren. Not waiting in line might cost you $5, but it’s worth it. Time is short. It’s where a dad can still wear his “Putang” Browns jersey and just be one of the guys. It’s where Clevelanders become characters and those characters soon consume their lives. For eight weeks — some do take the fun on the road — this is, from what I’m told, the very normal life of a Muni Lot tailgater.
Not a Browns fan? Become one for a day so you can cross this off the bucket list. Muni Lot isn’t on your bucket list? You’re doing it wrong. This is a slice of America that needs to be seen in person to believe it really exists.
Special thanks to @ajrondini for the invitation. Are you a fan looking for the full Muni Lot experience? This is your guy. Hit him up on Twitter. His passion for the Muni Lot is incredible. Leave the kids (the Lot is no place for children) and wife at home. You’re about to go on a journey. There are others I need to thank, but I’m blanking on names. Still foggy. Pretty sure the bus owner was wearing a “Wenz” Browns jersey.
Let me take you on the journey before Sunday’s game against the Titans. All photos and videos from my phone or via @JoeDooder.

I forget this guy’s name…he’s covered in Cleveland sports tats…that’s his tailgating trailer

[protected-iframe id=”00e5974eaea9543ee9537cde4e1600ee-22577676-23105199″ info=”https://streamable.com/e/f7ye” width=”640″ height=”1136″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””]

Browns Bunch does keg bowling…gutter ball means you have to do 10 pushups

[protected-iframe id=”ac490ecaaa696c9a475a38e8e29ffba8-22577676-23105199″ info=”https://streamable.com/e/prol” width=”560″ height=”994″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””]

Octo Bong…winners advance to the next round…didn’t hear what the prize is besides getting really drunk

[protected-iframe id=”24dc56f0c56324e9609cb92ea744456f-22577676-23105199″ info=”https://vine.co/v/ePmT6PtT2Ha/embed/simple” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]https://platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js

When you walk through the Muni Lot wearing the opponents jersey…I’m told the real action is when AFC North fans are in town


No ass, but she’s really liking the Octo Bong stage

I’m told the black dild0 is a weekly thing…the women love it


Lane violation!

[protected-iframe id=”b35a6531d5155486096211930e72c52b-22577676-23105199″ info=”https://vine.co/v/ePmPVHujUXp/embed/simple” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]

The end.


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