Browns Fans Got Engaged In The Muni Lot

Maybe you read my Muni Lot report from Sunday’s game that’s being passed around Cleveland right now. In it, I tried to paint the picture that the Muni Lot is this giant circus full of events that keep you on your toes. There might be keg bowling going on one minute. There might be Jell-O shot syringes being thrown off a bus the next. There might be someone taking a nasty dump behind an RV & a guy cooking ribs next to that RV. There might be some guy covered in Cleveland sports hero tats jumping off a trailer.
There might be piles of puke. There might be beer cans flying through the air.
There might be a couple getting engaged.
That’s exactly what went down at one tailgate where Jon popped the question to Maegan. Of course Maegan said yes. It really was a beautiful day in Cleveland. Love was in the air. John Football delivered a big win. Football was back. All was right in the world.
[top photo via @Billy_Boi_90]


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