Watch: Kacie McDonnell Deals With Poop at the KCMO Wastewater Treatment Plant

Check out @KacieMcDonnell helping us keep #KCMO's #water clean! Video: @41ActionNews #KC

— KC Water (@KCMOwater) July 17, 2015

In early July, we posted a story about 41 Action News’ Kacie McDonnell (Eric Hosmer’s girlfriend) hitting up the KCMO Wastewater Treatment Plant to film a “Kacie Do My Job” segment. Yet despite the pictures, there were some doubters on social media wondering if Kacie was actually put to work.

Today, we can finally silence the haters with definitive proof that Kacie did indeed water down some poop, work in the “screen house” and haul waste. Consequently, Kacie probably dry heaved about 22 times.

If you want to see Kacie do other jobs, click here. Don’t worry, the other ones won’t make you vomit.

[Kacie McDonnell- IG]