Kacie McDonnell

Eric Hosmer and Kacie McDonnell Stole the Show at the Gold Glove Ceremony

There’s a fat contract in Eric Hosmer’s future, but he first took care of some personal business last Friday as...

Nov 14, 2017

Kacie McDonnell Hits The Slopes, Rachel Bush Hits The Fontainebleau & Bieber Gets Crushed In The Celebrity Hockey Game

Anyone pumped for the Pro Bowl? Another year, another football-less Sunday that’s going to suck me into watching the Pro...

Jan 29, 2017

Jan 22, 2017

Kacie McDonnell Hits the Batting Cage

Red Sox Winter Weekend looked fun.

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Oct 9, 2016

Kacie McDonnell Enjoying Life In Boston, Jim Ross Sticking It To Texas & Political College GameDay

The college football regular season is already halfway over There’s some depressing news for you to wake up to on...

Jul 3, 2016

Russell Wilson’s New Cornrows, Mike Trout’s Proposal & Kacie McDonnell On A Boat

  Braves vs Marlins at Fort Bragg Tonight Nothing says America like playing a Sunday night baseball game in primetime...

Feb 27, 2016

Watch: Kacie McDonnell Becomes A Pilot For A Day And Flies A Small Plane

We’ve featured these “Do My Job” segments before where Kacie McDonnell travels around the Kansas City area and works random...

Dec 21, 2015

Kacie McDonnell Takes BP in a Robe, Suffers Blisters

Royals still delivering in the offseason.

Aug 30, 2015

Kacie McDonnell Gets Her Team The W In Flip Cup At A Sporting KC Tailgate

Kacie McDonnell, former Christian Ponder and Aaron Murray girlfriend and now Eric Hosmer girlfriend, has moved on from reporting on...

Jun 26, 2015

Kacie McDonnell Now Dating Eric Hosmer

  She once dated Christian Ponder and was scheduled to get married to Aaron Murray this year. Now soccer sideline...

Jun 15, 2015

Kacie McDonnell at Top Golf Kansas City

We can't wait to have you out to #TopgolfKC again, @KacieMcDonnell! Soon you are going to be a pro! pic.twitter.com/HhS0Z5TD4G...

Feb 18, 2015

Sounds Like Kacie McDonnell Is Coming Home To Philly

    If you read into what Kacie McDonnell said this afternoon on IG, it sounds like Aaron Murray’s ex-fiancee...

Jan 26, 2015

Kacie McDonnell vs. Aaron Murray, MMA Torn Quad (Graphic) & Meet OSU’s Danny Devan

  Super Bowl coverage all…day…long. Seven straight days of every former NFL talking head talking. Talking about balls. Talking about...

Jan 20, 2015

Kacie McDonnell & Aaron Murray Engagement Called Off

  The love affair between Kacie McDonnell and Aaron Murray is over. So is the engagement, according to McDonnell. She...

Jun 24, 2014

Aaron Murray Might As Well Marry Kacie McDonnell — Now

  Aaron Murray should take like $10,000 of his signing bonus, go to Jared’s, tell the jeweler he needs the...

May 21, 2014

Bro, Get Your Nose Off Aaron Murray’s Girlfriend Kacie McDonnell

  That’s Good Day Philadelphia’s laugh box Mike Jerrick this morning sniffing anchor/reporter Kacie McDonnell (@KacieFOX29), also known as Aaron...

Dec 17, 2013

Aaron Murray & Girlfriend Kacie McDonnell Swam With Sharks In Georgia [VIDEO]

While the rest of the Georgia Bulldogs are getting ready for the Gator Bowl, where the Bulldogs will face Nebraska...

Sep 15, 2013

Fox Philly’s Kacie McDonnell Thinks The Eagles ‘Are Taking The Cup This Year’ [VINE]

In which a very attractive Philly TV reporter posits that the Eagles can “win the cup” this year. https://t.co/i6D13g8zSu —...

May 16, 2013

Kacie McDonnell Now Dating Phillies Pitcher Jonathan Pettibone?

  You have to give Fox Philly 29 traffic reporter Kacie McDonnell credit here. At Kacie’s level of hotness she...