Kacie McDonnell Does Some Work at KCMO’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

It’s safe to say that Kansas City’s breakout start of 2015 is easily Kacie McDonnell, which is damn impressive considering she could have bailed on Missouri after her engagement with Aaron Murray fell through. Instead, she kept on trucking along and found company in the form of Royals heartthrob, Eric Hosmer.

But just because Kacie found a man who should be set for life playing baseball doesn’t mean she’s going to start throwing in the towel at her reporting gig at 41 Action News. In fact, she got down and dirty this morning filming a report at KCMO’s Wastewater Treatment Plant:

Today @41ActionNews's @KacieMcDonnell helped us do some dirty work at #KCMO's Wastewater Treatment Plant! 💩 #KC pic.twitter.com/JUV3vjG8Ev

— KC Water (@KCMOwater) July 1, 2015

We know what you’re thinking: she just put on the suit and posed for pictures, right? Well, according to KC water they put Kacie to work:

@ChrisAtkins73 @41ActionNews @KacieMcDonnell We put her to work & the story will air in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

— KC Water (@KCMOwater) July 1, 2015

And there’s some proof of said work!

Thanks for your help today @KacieMcDonnell. I look forward to seeing your story. #smellavision @KCMOwater pic.twitter.com/MpvCvCjQiz

— Brooke Givens (@Brooke_Givens) July 1, 2015

Kacie may not win over the girls who want Hos for themselves, but at least she’s got the waste management crew on lock.

[Kacie McDonnell- IG]