Kacie McDonnell & Aaron Murray Engagement Called Off

The love affair between Kacie McDonnell and Aaron Murray is over. So is the engagement, according to McDonnell. She told the Philadelphia News that the wedding is off.

“I’m loving my career in Kansas City,” McDonnell told me, confirming that Murray ended their engagement. “I’m really committed to being a part of this community for the time being. The engagement is off. I wish him the best, it’s best to part ways. I’m moving on my with life.”

Annnnnd…it sounds like this relationship is history and there won’t be any reconciliation. You might remember that Murray and McDonnell (who used to date Christian Ponder) started dating while Aaron was still a Georgia quarterback. McDonnell, then a Philadelphia traffic reporter, would fly down to Athens to attend Georgia games. She eventually gave up her career in Philly to work and live with Murray in Kansas City.
As of January 9, McDonnell was joking on Twitter about passing a “marriage preparation” course. Ironically, Murray’s brother’s engagement to Bachelorette star Andi Dorman ended on January 8. 
Either it’s a great month for the Murray brothers or it’s a horrible month. Something tells me these bros will rebound. They’ll be fine.

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