The Texans Cheerleaders Have Invaded Puerto Rico



Been around BC the last 3 or 4 years? You know my stance on NFL cheerleader bikini calendar shoots. Some organizations are really good about sending the team cheerleaders to exotic locales. Some organizations are embarrassing (Colts, Texans). For those of you who are new, the Colts once sent their cheerleaders to the shores of Lake Michigan — on the Michigan side — for a bikini shoot…in early June.

The Colts also once had their cheerleaders pose in a cesspool creek¬†and along the Ohio River. That organization is embarrassing towards its cheerleaders. I’ve laid out before how much it would cost to send cheerleaders on a nice vacation — not much.

That brings me to the Texans. Besides the team knocking my Bengals out of the playoffs two times since Andy Dalton’s been around, I like this organization. They seem to treat the workers pretty good. J.J. Watt is taken care of and so are the cheerleaders. It would be easy to send the ladies to South Padre and tell them to take bikini photos.

Nope, the Texans cheerleaders landed Wednesday in Puerto Rico where the ladies will be rewarded with a nice vacation. Bob McNair should be congratulated for treating his cheerleaders with some respect.