Colts Cheerleaders Shoot Bikini Photos In Disgusting Cesspool Creek [PHOTOS]

Where to start with the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading bikini shoot debacle of 2012? It was a year ago when I ripped the organization for sending its girls to the Ohio River for a bikini shoot. This year the team decided to class things up by holding the shoot at some giant house and a cesspool creek. At least at the Ohio River the girls weren’t on their knees. Whose ass within the Colts organization needs kicked?

Kinda erotic, no?

It was just two months ago when I had to rip Bud Adams for forcing his Titans girls to spend 16 hours on a bus to Destin, Florida.

Bud is estimated to be worth $1.1 billion; Irsay is worth $1.4 billion, according to Forbes. Meanwhile, Jim’s cheerleaders are rewarded with a trip to some rich guy’s house and a visit to the creek to get sexy.

A quick check of Kayak shows that Mr. Billionaire could’ve put the 30 girls on tonight’s 7:20 out of Indy to Cancun for a week for $14,220. Figure another $15,000 in expenses, drinks, food, etc. while they’re on vacation and you’re still under $30,000. Instead, they’re down in an Indiana creek splashing.

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