All-Time Worst NFL Cheerleader Calendar Shoot Locale – Ohio River! [Photos]

So, yeah, we’ve been hammering this Colts cheerleader beat to death over the last two days. Yesterday it was a profile of the crazy, alcohol drinking rookie Kaley who’ll be making her NFL debut if the lockout ever ends. Today we happened upon outtakes from last year’s Colts’ bikini calendar shoot and have determined that photographing chicks along the Ohio River has earned the team honors in the “All-Time Worst NFL Cheerleader Calendar Shoot Locale,” contest. Yes, that bikini chick is holding a piece of driftwood.

It’s true that many NFL teams, forecasting a 2011 lockout, started to cut back on expenses in 2010. It’s also true that many NFL teams started thinking about local spots to shoot a bikini calendar after the economy tanked. BC once wrote about how the 76ers dancers were shut out of a trip to a sunny location only to shoot photos around Philly.

But the decision in 2010 from Colts brass to shoot a calendar – with ladies actually touching the feces-infested Ohio River – in a cesspool defies logic. We know the Ohio River. It’s an armpit of giant trees washed up on needle covered rocks.

A newly released Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders calendar showcases the beauty of the 30-plus women who don the squad’s uniforms. It’s also packed with the natural beauty of Perry County.

Available for purchase at the Perry County Convention and Visitors Bureau Office in Tell City and covering the remainder of 2010 and all of 2011, the calendar’s photos were shot in late June and early July during a low-key visit by the cheerleaders to the county.

An entourage of about 60 people, including cheerleaders, photography crew, hair and makeup artists and cheerleading staff, stayed at the Ohio River Cabins in Derby. Most of the photos, however, were shot at David and Mary Alexander’s Forgotten Times Cabins.

We won’t argue that the Alexander’s have a beautiful property, but this is the Ohio River. Men don’t want to see ladies propped up against trees that have drifted from Portsmouth, Ohio. We want Cozumel water. Give us some lush garden, not some hammock at a cabin. There should be no excuses in 2011. Lizards. Sandbras from the Dominican Republic. It’s time for bikini bridges without a dead carp floating by.

Someone step up and do the right thing. This should never happen ever again.