Houston Dynamo Cheerleaders Cowgirl Routine

It’s Friday so I figured it’s time to clean out the email from this week. It’s like 85 outside so let’s get through this real quick before I actually let sun hit my skin instead of sitting at a desk while SportsCenter babbles away for the sixth straight hour.
You know the routine here when it comes to Houston and cheerleaders/dancers. Our guy Scott Byrne goes to a sporting event, takes photos, uploads the photos to Flickr and then sends word.
Scott wrote: “The team did awful this weekend but the Dynamo girls outfits were perfect(.)” And that was it.
Look, I’ve said it multiple times: Houston, as a whole, does cheerleaders/dancers better than any other city in the United States. Of course you’re about to call me worthless because Miami is better; or Dallas; or L.A. You’re wrong. There’s constantly something going on with one of the Houston teams. Miami doesn’t even have a soccer team. Are you kidding me?

Cheerleader's Leg Snaps, Team Wins World Championship
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