Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Still Tearing Up Spring Break In Cancun

I want all the NFL teams out there who have cheerleading units to take a long look at how the Cowboys cheerleaders shoot a calendar. Jerry and the organization treat their cheerleaders like elite athletes and that leads to great bikini calendars. Some of you know I’ve been railing against bad NFL owners who make cheerleaders take buses, pose in nasty creeks and on cold docks in Michigan. 
Stop being jerks to the cheerleaders. Treat them to a nice vacation once a year. They hardly make any money doing this gig and you guys are swimming in cash. Do like the Cowboys and send them to Cancun. For a week. All-expenses paid. Luxurious beaches. Great dinners. Entertainment. Champagne. Multiple free bikinis to choose from.
The Cowboys cheerleaders have been in the Tulum area since the weekend and the fun is still going strong. Take a long look here, Jim Irsay. Treat your cheerleaders better, asshole.

It's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Bikini Fitting Day
It's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Bikini Fitting Day
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