Billionaire Bud Adams Forces Titans Cheerleaders To Bus 8 Hours To Florida Bikini Photoshoot!


Titans owner Kenneth ‘Bud’ Adams is a self-made billionaire whose wealth came via the oil industry and the NFL. The guy has old money. How old? He got started in the AFL in 1959. His net worth, as of March, was estimated by Forbes to be $1.1 billion. That’s not a misprint – billions. So this is where we start questioning the business practices of a billionaire NFL owner. Bud’s cheerleaders, last week, spent 16 hours on a tour bus.


Because the ladies had a scheduled bikini calendar shoot scheduled in Destin, Florida. According to Google Maps, that’s 441 miles one-way. 8 hours.

And, as if that’s not enough of a joke from a billionaire owner, the Titans cheerleader bus broke down 45 minutes north of the team’s destination where they had a welcoming dinner planned last Thursday night, according to Brooke Bailey.

You reading this, Bud? All 27 riding on the bus had to put on makeup and cocktail dresses at the Timberline mobile home sales office? Let’s not forget it’s 2012, not 1963.

Oh, but it gets better. Brooke uploaded a photo of the girls getting ready in the office.

We’re not here to act like Bud Adams directly told the cheerleaders they’d be riding a bus to shoot a bikini calendar. Dude is 89, pretty much just in the news when it comes time to offer Peyton Manning a blank check to retire as a Titan and cash checks from the NFL TV deal.

However, Bud Adams sets the tone for his franchise. There’s a reason the Titans cheerleaders were made to ride a bus to Florida instead of flying. Bud Adams’ & his management team either doesn’t respect what the cheerleaders mean to the organization or the Titans just too cheap to put the girls on a quick Delta flight into Pensacola.

We did a quick search on for a Thursday-Sunday flight in July in to Pensacola from Nashville. Just wanted a ballpark price to fly the ladies to Florida.

Let’s just use $500 per person.

• 27 girls

• 4 Titans cheerleader management chicks

• 1 web editor

• 1 photographer

• 1 makeup artist

• (Hair done in Destin)

• 5 tag-alongs


39 passengers X $500 = $19,500

Meanwhile, the Titans sell cheerleader bikini calendars for $10 and the autographed “Making Of” DVD retails for $45. You can do the math on what a team might make off cheerleader sales in a year. That said, an NFL cheerleader’s estimated salary for a year is somewhere between $500 and $750.

Maybe Bud’s private jet was out of commission.

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