6 Predictions For Tonight's NBA All Star Game

The NBA All-Star game starts tonight. I know there are plenty of haters out there that love to let people know how much this game sucks. Shut up. This is by far the most entertaining of all the All Star games and you should be excited. That said, here are 6 things that could happen but probably won’t happen tonight.
1. Carmelo Anthony asks Kyle Korver why he’s there
There’s a 99% chance that Melo still has no idea that Kyle Korver is on the All-Star team. Not even sure that he knows who Korver is- or Jeff Teague for that matter.
PS. Melo, Korver is here to put all of you to shame. Look at the symmetry of his face- pure perfection:

2. Chris Bosh refuses to pass to Lebron James
Chris Bosh is definitely still salty about Lebron’s departure from the Heat. I can see the Dino looking off Lebron each and every time he gets the ball tonight. He’s like the passive-agressive, jealous ex girlfriend. Kyrie better watch out because if he and Lebron make some magic happen tonight in front of Chris it could get ugly.
3. Damian Lillard Goes OFF
I love Damian Lillard. 100% he thinks he’s the best player on the floor tonight, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’ll put up 30 points, taking home MVP. Call me crazy; but at the end of the day this is a pickup game, and Lillard seems like he would  be the best pickup player in the league.
4. Chris Paul Complains About A Call
This one is a given. Chris Paul, one of the most underrated sissies in the entire NBA. He’s going to complain to the refs tonight more than any other player on the floor. You can print that.
5. Demarcus Cousins Fights Pau Gasol
I feel like these two guys just won’t get along. Boogie certainly isn’t the most patient player in the league, and Pau just seems like the type of guy would get under his skin. There will definitely be a scuffle between these two and I’ll be crossing my fingers that Cousins throws a punch.

6. Tim Duncan Looks Completely Out Of Place
I mean this in the best way possible. Duncan always looks out of place at the All-Star game. He literally plays this game in the exact same way as every other game. While guys like Lebron and Westbrook will be looking for highlight plays, Tim is perfectly content to bank in a few layups, rebound, and make safe outlet passes. I love him for that. You do you, Timmy.
Pics via NBA.com & BR

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