Zach Lavine Brought Back The Dunk Contest

By all accounts, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest has been 6 feet deep in the ground since 2000, the year in which Vince Carter put on the greatest dunking performance in the history of basketball. Since that moment, we’ve suffered through 15 years of averageness, disappointment, and, at times, sheer incompetence. Remember when Nate Robinson literally missed 20-25 times, yet still won the dunk contest? ThisĀ once-great competition has sunk pretty damn low for a while now, and it appeared that it was beyond saving at this point.
However, when the NBA announced that Youtube star and current Timberwolves guard Zach Lavine would be part of this year’s lineup, a new hope was born. Lavine has a freakish 46 inch vertical leap, and he tends to do some pretty cool things with that much air time. Last night was no exception.
In a time where it’s virtually impossible to do anything new and different in a dunk contest, Lavine put together a performance thatĀ rivals Carter’s 2000 show. He edged out Victor Oladipo for the title, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he took the next 5-6 titles. Who is going to stop this guy? What’s cooler than watching Zach Lavine Dunk? Nothing- except maybe watching Zach Lavine in slooomo.
Unbelievable. Zach Lavine, you keep doing you, man.

Vines via SBN

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