Florida RB Literally Shits His Pants, Still Wins Bowl MVP Honors


Florida just beat East Carolina in the meaningless Birmingham Bowl. This isn’t very important. Instead, what’s more important is the inspiring story of Gators RB Adam Lane Jr, who came all the way back from a second quarter in which he literally shit his own pants on national television to win MVP honors for the game. It truly is one of the most touching stories of the college football bowl season.

Lane was caught by television cameras with a brown streak on the bottom of his pants following a 2 yard TD run. Here is the screenshot that was passed around the Internet:

Adam Lane


We analyzed the photo and here were our findings:

Adam Lane 2


Amazingly, Lane wasn’t bothered by this incident. He returned to the game with a clean pair of pants and ran for 109 yards, earning MVP honors. Unfortunately, this earned Lane some more flack on Twitter:

Adam Lane. The unlikely, pooping hero of the Birmingham Bowl.

H/T Deadspin

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