FSU Fan Loses Bet, Gets "Crab Leg Friar" Bowl Cut

It’s a rough time right now for Florida State Nation. The entire country watched Oregon blow the Noles the fuck out on New Years Day, 59-20. The loss was embarrassing for so many reasons, most notably Jameis Winston‘s slip and fumble, which became the first widespread meme-able sports moment of 2015.
Yesterday, reddit user dromoe gave us the next great piece of this FSU meltdown story: the “Crab Leg Friar.” According to the thread, dromoe made some sort of bet with his die hard Seminole fan friend that involved the loser needing to get an awful, awful haircut. Dromoe calls the haircut, the “Crab Leg Friar.” Take a look:

One picture is simply not enough. Give it to me again!

For reference, here is a before pic :

Hair was certainly not on point prior to the Crab Leg Friar, but still better than the new cut.
In the reddit thread, Dromoe explains that this sad FSU fan is not allowed to wear a hat to his job, and that the bet stipulated that he has to rock this cut at least one day at work and through the weekend. Rough. He also has to select on of these shots as his Facebook profile pic until kick off next year. Hilarious.
It’s certainly not a good time to be an FSU fan.
h/t reddit

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