11 Things I Hate About This Picture Lebron Took With Macklemore

In today’s Instagram news, Lebron posted the below photo of himself posing with Mackelmore.

There are so many terrible things about this photo, but I was able to boil it down to the 11 absolute worst. You can use this crudely marked up version of the photo as a visual reference.

1. Macklemore’s stupid fedora
Fuck this hat. You’re not Pharrell, bro.
2. Lebron’s sheepswool collar
This screams DOUCHE.
3. Macklemore’s smirk
I dislike the fact that Macklemore is trying to look tough when we know he’s a softy. Know who you are.
4. Macklemore’s left knee jean rip
5. Macklemore’s right knee jean rip
6. Macklemore’s thigh jean rip
7. Lebron’s hand sign
Why are you holding up the number three when you’ve only won two championships?
8. Macklemore’s black leather jacket that looks straight out of the Village People YMCA music video.
You don’t deserve to wear something like this!
9. Lebron’s overcompensating beard
Why don’t you call Bosley and transplant some that hair onto your bald ass head.
10. Macklemore’s peace sign
It doesn’t make sense because when you take pictures like this it makes people want to start wars.
11. Their overall entitled, douchebaggy nature 
In general, I’m getting some really negative vibes.

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