Local Houston TV Station Uses NBA 2K Screenshot For Report Of Troy Daniels Trade

Poor Troy Daniels. Not only was he just traded from 4th place Houston to the cellar dwelling Minnesota Timberwolves, but a local Houston TV station reporting the trade couldn’t even show him the decency to post an actual headshot in its report. Instead, they used a screenshot from the video game NBA 2K.

@Jpceynar: @NBA2KGames pic.twitter.com/ko1BPNBube” News Station using 2K pic instead of real pic of Troy Daniels 😂😂

— #NBA2K15 (@NBA2KGames) December 20, 2014

Not sure why they couldn’t just pull something off Google Images, but the results are absolutely hilarious. Here’s the full report:

Because of the anonymity of their roster, the Sixers have only been using NBA 2K screenshots to identify their players, but it’s strange to see this out of an actual NBA franchise. Gotta feel bad for Daniels at this point.

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