Bills Fan Has Browns Mannequin Bong Party Foul

I’ve already mentioned how Browns fans unleashed a mannequin bong at Sunday’s Bills tailgate. Being the friendly bunch that they are, Browns fan let Bills fan in on the fun. As you can see, it didn’t end very well for Donna’s friend.
The worst possible outcome in this situation is that you get psyched out by bonging a beer from a mannequin and where your mouth is at while bonging. You have to close your eyes and rely on all the training you’ve been through. Say go and open your throat. Let it pour in.
Worst case scenario is that you tighten the throat, fill up and the brew blasts you. Maybe Donna’s friend would’ve preferred the Dong Bong that was being passed around by Bills fans.
*Kudos to Donna for one of the best tailgating photos of the year. Doesn’t get much more action-packed than this.


Bills Fan Drinks Beer Out of Dong Bong
Bills Fan Drinks Beer Out of Dong Bong
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