Bills Fan Drinks Beer Out of Dong Bong

It has become very apparent that watching the creative minds at work during pregame tailgaiting is far more entertaining than actually watching the game. Seriously, people just let loose and revert back to their alcoholic college days after paying like $30 to enter a stadium.
Just check out this Bills fan who decided to one-up all the mannequin beer drinkers with a dildo beer funnel:
[protected-iframe id=”05477ff17939c4bade16eea2c0efae28-22577676-53282995″ info=”//” width=”600″ height=”700″]
Props to this guy for switching his technique from ball-grabbing to power strokes for maximum beer consumption. Drinking is all about being able to make the proper adjustments, and clearly this guy did his homework.
Tune in next week for the strong possibility of someone incorporating a fleshlight into their festivities.

Best Of NFL Tailgating Fans — Week 13
Best Of NFL Tailgating Fans — Week 13
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