Browns Fans Did Some Bikini Mannequin Bonging In Buffalo

Now I’m pissed I missed the Browns-Bills tailgating Sunday in Orchard Park. I had this one circled on my calendar, but I had to rake leaves and hang Christmas lights. I know, I know. In 2008 I would’ve been at this tailgate. Growing up sucks, but we all have to chose our battles wisely. Those of you laughing now will be in my spot in a few years. Enjoy your last years of freedom.
Anyway, I got these photos of Browns fans — who don’t look like they have leaves to rake — went to town on a mannequin bong before the Bills game. Is that Olivia Munn? Kardashian? Even the guy bonging the beer tells us he has no clue who the cutout is.
What really matters here is that the beer is cold, the mannequin is hot and everyone is drunk. Long live youth, mannequin bong photos and life before growing old(er) when you spend a Sunday raking leaves and hanging Christmas lights.
Want to start a new tailgating mannequin bong tradition? Here’s one you should buy on eBay.


The Hater's Sunday Recap: What Actually Happened Today
The Hater's Sunday Recap: What Actually Happened Today
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