Ohio State Players Are Not Fond of Sleep Number Beds


Ohio State faces off against Michigan State in a matchup of the two best teams from probably the worst major conference in college football. MSU is the better team, but anything that gives them a greater edge is obviously huge.

Apparently, the Buckeyes’ hotel uses Sleep Number beds- you know- those beds that you see on TV that let you pick a stupid number that supposedly optimizes your sleep patterns. The OSU football team does not like Sleep Number beds:

Sleep number beds look so nice on tv but aren’t in real life

— Jamarco Jones (@jjones_74) November 8, 2014

Does anybody know how to work a sleep number bed lol I’m struggling — Sean Nuernberger (@Sean4Heisman1) November 8, 2014

Sleep number beds are shitty fr.

— Mr. Hill (@MichaelRealHill) November 8, 2014

Sleep Number actually reached out to a player on the team to try to help him find a better setting on his shitty bed.

@MichaelRealHill Sorry it took a while, but we’re glad you found a good setting! Just let us know if you have any questions we can help with

— Sleep Number (@sleepnumber) November 8, 2014

So when OSU loses tonight to MSU, Buckeye fans have a convenient excuse in their back pockets. No need to blame Urban Meyer, JT Barrett, or even the officials. Nope. Anything bad that happens tonight can be put fully on those shitty Sleep Number beds.

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h/t Fansided