Something Looks Off Here

Some ESPN production guy thought it would be a good idea to give professional public speaker Lou Holtz a fake mustache for a short bit on Movember. Nobody could really understand what Lou was saying- not just because Lou can’t speak- but also because everyone was distracted by his upside down fake mustache.

lou holtz

It’s mean to make fun of old people. Nobody on Twitter cares:

Lmao Lou Holtz has his mustache on upside down 😂😂😂

— #FREEBOATER (@BradYoureStoned) November 1, 2014

Lou Holtz looks ridiculous w that fake mustache

— Bob Fescoe (@bobfescoe) November 1, 2014

On ESPN gameday with Lou Holtz, his mustache is on upside down somebody needs to tell him.

— Robert Hardin (@Wolvie1966) November 1, 2014

#SO to Lou Holtz we his mustache on upside down

— Banjo Berken (@BenjaminBerken) November 1, 2014

Lou Holtz gonna Lou Holtz.