Texans Cheerleaders Have Landed In Puerto Rico For Bikini Shoot



I’ve said it time and time again, the Houston Texans organization gets it when it comes to cheerleaders and how to run a cheerleading program. The ladies embarked Tuesday on their yearly bikini calendar shoot; this year they’re in Puerto Rico. The ladies are all smiles. The ladies had a nice flight. The hotel looks really nice. It just looks like a first class experience.

You know I’ve ripped some teams (Titans and Colts) for making cheerleaders bus to bikini shoots and for shooting a calendar on the Ohio River. I’ve destroyed Jim Irsay for having cheerleaders shoot photos in a cesspool creek. Billionaire Bud Adams, god rest his soul, was fine with his cheerleaders riding a bus to Florida. There are teams that don’t show care about the cheerleaders and then there is the Texans organization.

From everyone I’ve talked to with connections to the cheerleading team, the smiles aren’t fake with the Texans ladies. They’re actually having fun. The girls don’t make big money, but it’s nice to be treated first class when you’re about to take your clothes off for the team.

So here we go with the Texans 2014 shoot. I expect nothing but greatness over the next few days. Make me proud, ladies.

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