Paulina Gretzky Says Exactly Zero Words In This TaylorMade Golf Commerical

Paulina Gretzky doesn’t need to talk on most days. When you are the daughter of The Great One & Mrs. Great One, engaged to a PGA Tour pro and insanely beautiful, you can probably just get away with pointing at things and maybe an occasional head nod.
In the new commercial for TaylorMade’s JetSpeed driver released yesterday, Paulina has no lines. Not one word. She just shows off her cleavage in a low cut red top and blows a kiss.
This is pretty much the same level of craft as Heath Ledger’s Joker role in The Dark Knight. Boobs, short skirt and a kiss. Done. Let Meryl Fucking Streep deliver lines.
If Carl’s Jr. hasn’t already called, they will.

[H/T: Golf Channel]

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