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Paulina Gretzky Engaged To Dustin Johnson [PHOTOS]

Paulina Gretzky Dustin Johnson Engaged

Paulina Gretzky is off the market, guys. Dustin Johnson put a ring on it over the weekend. Check out that rock. When you’re a PGA Tour professional — and you are marrying the daughter of a hockey legend — you can’t skimp.

Paulina’s Instagram and Twitter feeds will soon be filled with boner-killing wedding invitation examples and, eventually, baby pictures. Might as well unfollow her right now, bros.

The Gretzky-Johnson wedding ought to be a total spectacle — you know Wayne Gretzky will enjoy himself — but there’s another event prior to that one that should be outright ridiculous: Paulina Gretzky’s bachelorette party:

Enjoy the pics below. It’s the end of an era:

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