Drunk Wayne Gretzky Has Been Killing It Lately [PHOTOS]

Wayne Gretzky Drunk


In case you think the greatest thing Wayne Gretzky ever did was father Paulina Gretzky — and that was pretty great — he was also arguably the greatest hockey player ever. His mere presence can still fire up a hockey crowd nearly 15 years after he retired. It did just that on Tuesday night during the Rangers loss to the Bruins at Madison Square Garden, and Gretzky was only a Ranger for three years.

At 52, Gretzky is a living legend whom most sports fans still would love to meet. He has been out of the spotlight for years since stepping away from his coach/owner role with the Phoenix Coyotes in 2009, but he occasionally pops up on social media while posing for a pic with a fan (though it doesn’t create the kind of stir his daughter’s pictures do). Just last Thursday, Gretzky was photographed with a young woman who alleged that “The Great One” was “hammered.”

You think she knew him because he is Paulina’s dad? Whatever. Gretzky wasn’t done though. A pic of him and “King of Queens” actor Gary Valentine popped up on Sunday:

That’s a little better, Gretz. Even if you don’t grasp Gretzky’s former greatness on the ice, you can always appreciate him for fathering Paulina.

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