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How Many Beers: Janet Jones – Paulina Gretzky’s Mom

Actress Janet Jones, the wife of Wayne Gretzky and mom of Paulina Gretzky, is celebrating her 53rd birthday today. We’re assuming her kids and her husband gathered to mark the occasion.

Jones has recently been working on James Franco’s adaptation of the William Faulkner novel “The Sound and the Fury.” Although Jones still occasionally works as an actress, she’s spent most of the past 25 years being a mom to her five children (and probably serving as a designated driver for Wayne).

Even though Jones is past the half-century mark, she is still very much in shape and up for a good time (see video below). Wayne gets all kind of kudos for Paulina, but you can see that Janet had serious influence, too.

How many beers? Please. Two Mooseheads and we’re good.

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