Tony Stewart

Jan 16, 2016

Tony Stewart Gets In The Face Of A Heckler At The Chili Bowl Nationals

The Chili Bowl Nationals is a dirt track event in Oklahoma and Tony Stewart was there last night. Apparently someone...

Aug 11, 2014

I Don’t Think Tony Stewart Meant To Kill Kevin Ward Jr.

  I’ve now watched the video of Tony Stewart killing Kevin Ward Jr. Saturday night on a New York dirt...

Mar 24, 2013

Tony Stewart Punched Joey Logano At The End Of Today’s NASCAR Race [VIDEO – UPDATED]

NASCAR took one step closer to WWE/MMA today when driver Tony Stewart threw punches at fellow driver Joey Logano at...

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Feb 23, 2012

Typical Woman Driver: Danica Patrick Crashes In Today’s Gatorade Duel At Daytona [Video]

It's a wonder there are so few women who've started a race at Daytona. Actually, no it isn't. The only bigger anomaly would be an Asian woman starting a race anywhere. In true woman driver form, Danica Patrick crashed on the last lap of her first Sprint Cup race today at Daytona. We, of course, were really surprised. Here's the story of how hit went down and the video of the jolt she took when she hit the wall. Check it!