Alessia Elefante Yachty, Tony Stewart Punches Heckler & Lil Pump Says Bron Can Do Whatever He Wants

Here comes another night of nothing on TV. Might want to catch some NFL Network training camp coverage or catch up on Netflix or maybe talk to the family a little bit. Cubs at Cardinals is at 8 on MLB if you’re desperate for some sort of action. Not sure what I’m going to do. Might get the power washer out and do some blasting.

Alessia Elefante gets the day rolling from some yacht


Tony Stewart punches heckler in the face…old school track justice

Wakesurfing has people upset in Minnesota, some say it hurts the environment

Patrick Mahomes working on no-look passes during training camp

This TV news guy is leaving the biz to go be a wrestling backstage interviewer guy

Florida Man put some charges on his employer’s credit card, they’re not happy…strip club charges?

Here’s Rylee Martell from Miami

All-Hands Team Video of the Week

Tacos of the Day

Tiffany McLemore Is Woman Who Hit Husband With Laptop, Sugar Ray Selling & Dana’s 50th Birthday
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