I Don’t Think Tony Stewart Meant To Kill Kevin Ward Jr.


Cheez-It 355 At The Glen - Practice


I’ve now watched the video of Tony Stewart killing Kevin Ward Jr. Saturday night on a New York dirt track and can’t seem to find evidence that Stewart meant to kill Ward.

Here’s what I think Tony meant to happen:

• Stewart can see that Ward is out of his car and is all pissed off

• Stewart is pissed off that Ward is pissed off; Tony is fired up because some young punk has the audacity to start throwing f-bombs at him

Stewart got close and goosed the gas as a f-you to Ward; notice how Ward was hit on the right side of the car

• Notice how when Stewart gooses his car it heads up the track; looks like he’s just trying to send a message and got too close to Ward on the goose

• If Stewart wanted to kill the guy he would’ve just hit him straight on and it would’ve been over

Two guys try to out man each other and one guy happened to be driving a car. Is this involuntary manslaughter? That’s what a district attorney needs to figure out.



Getty Images/Jerry Markland

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