Sam Ponder

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Aug 11, 2015

Take a Tour Inside Christian and Sam Ponder’s Phoenix House

Considering the barrage of Bay Area photos that Sam Ponder posts to Instagram, you’d assume she and Christian would be...

Dec 18, 2014

Sam Ponder Buying Some Kicks at Flight Club

    It’s safe to say that ESPN sideline reporter Sam Ponder already has the college demo in the bag,...

Dec 11, 2014

I Finally Drove Sam Ponder Over The Edge…She Blocked BC

  It’s all over. The run was fun while it lasted. Sam Ponder must’ve finally gotten tired of her tweets...

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Jul 25, 2014

20 Respectful & Non-Objectifying Photos Of Sam Ponder

  Thought we’d get the day rolling with some respectful and non-objectifying photos of Sam Ponder. Just made sense this...