Sam Ponder Throws A Frozen Rope, Still Hates Busted Coverage

Sam Ponder throws football
It’s a shame that Sam Ponder still hates BC and thinks we’re total scum. She used to be fun back in the day before going on an epic jersey chasing expedition that ended up with her marrying Christian Ponder at some courthouse. We would’ve totally done the wedding gift thing if she would’ve been cool with us.
But here we are in 2016 and BC’s still blocked harder than anyone’s ever been blocked on Twitter.
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At some point, Sam Steele got mad at us because we were doing posts like the Erin Andrews Twitter War stuff. Then Sam got all Social Justice Warrior on the Internet and started blocking people like BC.

Anyway, she knows how to throw a football, something her husband won’t do much of this year as the 49ers 3rd string QB.
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