Sam Dekker

It Looks Like Sam Dekker And Olivia Harlan Are Dating

Well here’s a little Christmas Eve bombshell for you guys. It looks like Sam Dekker and Olivia Harlan are dating and we have a new NBA power couple on our hands. I don’t know how open they’ve been about this,...

Dec 24, 2016

Cowboys Cheerleaders Head To Camp, Sam Dekker & Girlfriend Hit Beach, Plus Brady Papers

  When someone says they’re tired of hearing about the Tom Brady story, they’re really saying they can’t stop watching coverage It’s all a cover. They’re really NFL junkies who can’t get enough, but don’t want to look like a...

Jul 29, 2015


Jun 28, 2015

Just Because Sam Dekker Is In The NBA Now Doesn't Mean He Can Stop Doing Chores

You would think when you get drafted in the the first round of the NBA draft, that relieves you from all household duties back home. You’re now making more money than probably both your parents combined, and you’re thinking about...

Feb 20, 2015

Meet Sam Dekker's Girlfriend Bailey Scheich

    And Bailey Scheich, girlfriend of Wisconsin’s Sam Dekker, just jumped to the top of the leaderboard for college basketball girlfriend of the year. If you were looking for a March Madness breakout star for CBS cameras to show...